NIEL is a vertically-integrated textile manufacturer, with operations ranging from spinning, weaving and processing. The Company's manufacturing facilities are spread at different locations with latest world class technology. The installed capacity of the company as a whole is as under:-
Name of the Unit Spindles Rotors
Arham Spinning Mills, Bhiwadi (Raj) 48576 2360
Spinning Unit-I, Lalru (Pb) 48624 1080
Spinning Unit-II, Lalru (Pb) 44400 432
Spinning Unit-III, Lalru (Pb) 28224 1080
Spinning Unit-IV, Lalru(Pb) 62496 -
Sambhav Spinning Mills, Mundian (Pb) 31728 3240
Total 264048 8192

Yarn Dying Capacity
Name of the Unit Capacity Per Day
Arham Spinning Mills, Bhiwadi (Raj) 6500 Kgs
Nahar Fabrics Processing Unit-II Lalru (Pb) 6500 Kgs
Total 13000 Kgs
Weaving & Processing Capacity
Name of the Unit Quantity per Annum
Nahar Fabrics Weaving Unit, Lalru (Pb) 60 Million Meters (510 looms)
Nahar Fabrics Processing I & II - Units, Lalru (Pb) 58.4 Million Meters
Nahar Fabrics Processing I
Rotary Printing Set-up - prints of Woven and Denim Products 21.6 million meters
Calendaring Machine (for Special Finishes) 12 million meters
Soft Flow Dyeing Machine- Rayon and Modal Products 2 million meters
Sugar Capacity
Name of the Unit Quantity per Annum
Nahar Sugar, Amloh (Pb) 2500 Tonnes
Power (Co-generation)
Location Capacity
Lalru (Pb) 29 MW
Amloh (Pb) 16 MW
Power (Captive)
Bhiwadi (Raj) 8 MW