GRATITUDE Late Sh. Vidya Sagar Oswal (1908 2005)

Group is formed with the vision of Late Sh. Vidya Sagar Oswal.He had a long stressful journey from simple layman to big business Tycoon. With his hardwork, patience and intelligence he reached to the highest level of being considered as a doyen of Industrial revolution in hosiery in Ludhiana. He had a strong stable personality. Despite many hurdles in life he had a strong determination & faith in life and never lost hope to achieve what he wanted to achieve. The brave man, a great fighter, a revolutionist, a great thinker, a great teacher and above all a great philanthropist, he always thought progressively and was responsible for Industrialist revolution first and later Medical revolution by setting up the biggest comprehensive Cancer Care Hospital in the city of Ludhiana on 1984.

The Management

Chairman`s Perspective
As we step in to the threshold of the new millennium, it's time to look back, to move forward. Take stock of the past, scrutinize our present before charting our agenda for the future. Globalization and liberalization have opened up a brave new world for us, offering new challenges along with new opportunities. At Nahar, keeping pace with the changing environment is our forte since the world is our market and the spirit of excellence, our enduring credo. Propelled by new technologies and inspired by our exalted goal to explore new frontiers, our march towards blazing new trails to span new horizons takes on a new dimension setting the tone for a new millennium.
Jawahar Lal Oswal
Management Strength

Vision is the key. Without vision there can be no mission, no agenda to road map the future. Vision provides the vital differential between the ordinary & extra ordinary, defining the cutting edge that powers organizations way above & beyond competition. No progressive group can ignore this vital input.

Kamal Oswal
Global Thinking
Globalization offers exciting challenges that can be converted into rewarding opportunities only if you are sharply attuned to the ground realities pertaining to business and industry. At the end of the day, words remain words. Explanations remain explanations. Promises remain promises. Only performance speaks.

Dinesh Oswal