Spinning Capabilities

Nahar has capability to produce from most coarse to finest yarns with the latest state-of-art machineries: Blow Rooms from Trumac & Trutzchler equipped with Bale Pluckers, Vision Shield;

  • Chute feeds system to feed latest Rieter cards;
  • Combers from RIETER;
  • Compact Ring Frames from RIETER K-44;
  • Conventional Ring Frames from Kirloskar Toyoda and Lakshmi;
  • Auto corners equipped with Spilcers and Contamination Control Channels;
  • Two-for-one twister (TFO) from Volkman;
  • SSM Precision Winders
  • Heat setting machines from XEROLLA;
  • Largest Installation of LOPTEX machines

R&D Equipped with uster-hvi900/hvi- Spectrun and Advanced Fiber Information System (Afis), ZWEIGLE Fabric Stimulation System, OASYS-Hairness Tester , MESDAN- Spliced Scanner and complete range of Fiber, Yarn and Fabric testing equipments.